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adidas Youth F50 Adizero Trx FG - Sol Orange

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A boot that pushes the boundaries for what is possible for mass produced football boot, and a boot that can give you that final advantage that puts you in front of your competition in the long run. In other words: Dare you not to try this wonder?

The F50 Adizero is made with adidas' k-leather emulating upper called Hybridtouch, which combine all the advantages of both microfibre and leather. It is an incredibly supple and thin material, which wraps itself around your foot. In addition, it takes up less water, is more durable and doesn't 'over-stretch' as leather can do. You will find the Hybridtouch material on the nose of the boot and all the way to the midfoot.

It is equipped with a Speedfoil heel, which is a super thin mesh-material covered by an extremely thin foil, that is inspired by the sails that are found on some of the worlds fastest sail-boats. The Speedfoil helps to keep the weight at a minimum, but without compromising comfort. The heel has a lining that provides stability and support - and the speedfoil is the outer layer of the heel.

The Speedtraxion stud configuration is a newly developed stud configuration from adidas that focuses on three areas - acceleration, direction change and turns. The studs are still triangular, but this time around they are more blade shaped on the one side, which allows for a larger contact are with the ground when transfering your energy to the ground. The result is a more effective kick-off, bith regarding acceleration and direction change.

The sole is as we know it, the successful adidas Sprintframe continues in a 2.0 version. it is just 1 mm thin in some areas and is made of TPU, which ensures low weight, as well as durability, while still being rather responsive. All together, this ensures a boot that moves with your foot.

Weight: 150 grams.

With FG studs for firm ground surfaces such as grass.